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The full value onboarding solution the financial services industry has been waiting for.
In-branch, online, 100% compliant and incredibly easy to use.

cumulus- the full value onboarding solution.

While your primary goal as a financial service provider is to help people succeed on their financial journeys, you need two things to fulfill this promise: growth and profitability. This requires a combination of acquiring new members/customers and increasing deposits and lending. 

An increasingly mobile-first customer and highly competitive market are making it harder than ever to achieve this combination. Our feature-rich, end-to-end, comprehensive account opening platform can help. We’ve designed every detail to make it an onboarding marvel that overcomes every account opening challenge you have. It ticks every box you need it to tick, whether you're onboarding in-branch or online.


  • fast, efficient, user-friendly and error-proof
  • meets all FINTRAC, AML and fraud prevention guidelines
  • offers core banking integration and real-time funding
  • responsive design adapts to every screen size for mobile users
  • captures valuable data for natural cross-sell


The little engine that does.

We’ve designed cumulus to make the hard stuff easy. Whether they're sitting right in front of you in-branch or opening an account online from a remote locale, all they have to do is answer a few simple questions. cumulus does the rest. In no time*, required data is captured, identity is authenticated and the account is funded and opened. Untapped opportunity is transformed into a brand new client. Just like that.

*In-branch account opening with cumulus takes only 20 minutes. Online account opening with cumulus™ takes less than 5 minutes.

Reach your business goals.

Looking to reach the mobile-first (younger) demographic? Want to increase your client base? Or generate more deposits? Expand your footprint without building another branch? Increase efficiencies, sell more products? Endear your clients to your brand? Of course you do.

Here’s how our online account opening platform helped one small credit union to achieve all of these things. In 12 short months.

Actual Client Stats

More clients
More efficient
More deposits
More products
More happy

Accessibility? Check. Check. Check.

While the cumulus™ engine works hard behind the scenes to be everything you need it to be, we've designed it to feel as easy as a one-to-one conversation for the user. Interactive language, bite-size steps, handy tips and über-awesome mobile-first functionality move the user through the process quickly and seamlessly. Abandonment rates go way (way) down and the user-friendly experience builds trust in your FI's brand.

cumulus™ does more than feel accessible. It literally is accessible at any time of the day and from any internet-connected location. This onboarding powerhouse is also responsive, which means it offers a fantastic user experience from every screen size. It doesn't get much more accessible than this.

You'll be happy to know that cumulus™ is also accessible to you anywhere, anytime and from any device. Your cumulus™ dashboard offers detailed real-time stats that keep you connected to your business goals. With a tap of a button (or screen), you can access real-time stats like how many accounts have been opened online, what time of day and from what type of device they're opened, the dollar amount of your new deposits and even drop-off points in the application. 

Is online account opening feasible?

Here’s the thing about online account opening. It’s happening. With more than 655 million online transactions, 40% fewer in-branch transactions and 77% of Canadians expecting to bank from virtually anywhere, the question isn’t should or can you offer online account opening, but when. And how.

Despite these eye-popping stats and the continuing meteoric rise of online and mobile banking, there are a number of misconceptions and concerns about the feasibility of online account opening in the financial services industry. Here’s what we’ve been asked and a little about how our platform answers these questions.

What about regulations?

When it comes to regulatory hurdles, cumulus™ leaps tall buildings in a single bound, meeting all FINTRAC and AML requirements for non face-to-face account opening.

Does it get results?

Last year, a $400M credit union gained 1340 new members and increased deposits by more than 18%. All of it online using our account opening platform.

Do people want it?

Expectations for online account opening are rapidly picking up speed in Canada. More than 2.5 million accounts have been opened online across the country so far.

What's next for our platform?


With mobile and online technology moving at the speed of sound, onboarding is bound to be transformed by yet unknown innovation. There will be new technologies to integrate, the world will become increasingly social and there will be additional regulations to overcome. Evolution of this kind is exciting. And necessary. It challenges us to anticipate, prepare and position ourselves for what's next for the financial services industry and for our company. For innovators like us, it's pretty much what we live for.

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